March has been an extremely busy month. The first week we had 3 young men from a Christian college in Palm Beach Florida. The just came down to serve in any capacity. They were a blessing in so many ways. It is in credible how God orchestrated all of this to make everything happen for His glory. They prepared a home site and laid blocks for a house we were going to build the following week. I don’t know what we would have done without their help. It also was so nice to hear them singing and playing the guitar at the house all week. I was moved by the presence of God. We had a group of 10 and a group of 31 at Casa de Fuego the following week.  The group of 31 was from 3 different colleges from Campus Crusade working with an organization called Filters of Hope. The other group was a church from Ohio that was working with our organization. We had the opportunity to build a family a new home in Ciudad Vieja. The old house was literally cornstalks and tin. This is very typical in Guatemala. It is ok during the dry season but during the rainy season not so much. The team from Trinity Lutheran church were incredible. All week they served Guatemala and also served us. We finished the house in 3 days and went to Patzicia on the fourth day. There we constructed a hen house to provide eggs for the families in that community and a recycling project. We took to group to see a house that God has laid on my heart for some time now to rebuild. They have been living in the worst conditions for a long time. I am asking for God that we can build this house soon. Normally we would wait for a team to build it but it really can’t wait. I don’t think it will make it through another rainy season. The cost of the house is $2100. If you feel led to contribute please go to our website and donate. I am going to include a picture of the house we built and the house that needs to be built. Please pray about this. Our website is

Matthew 20:28

"Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

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