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                 Love Serve has been partnering with Vision Y Fe a middle school in Patzicia. This past year we sponsored 6 students total at the school as well as an English teacher for the school. We just finished up the calendar year and are getting ready to start the 2019 school year. School in Guatemala runs from January to the end of October. We are looking for more sponsors for students especially the middle school students. The cost for middle school is $35 per month. This covers tuition and a few supplies. The high school student cost is $75 per month that includes the same thing plus uniforms. We are hoping to grow this program to give more students the opportunity to study. This is a great example of what student can do if someone takes an interest in him. He is the first child to graduate from middle school and now he is entering the 11th grade. He has such a wonderful smile and wants to help his family in anyway. He will have the opportunity to break the cycle in his family as being day laborers. Thank you for supporting this program.

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June 2018

      The month started out with Volcano Fuego erupting on June 3rd. The day Guatemala will not forget for a long time. We live just 7 miles away but we are on the uphill side of Fuego so we just received a lot of ash and small lava rocks.  On the other side of the volcano unfortunately rest several villages. The pyroclastic material spread up to 50 miles an hour with heat reaching close to 1000 degrees. The official numbers are 107 dead and over 200 hundred missing. The numbers according to many are over 2 thousand missing. The land has been deemed uninhabitable with over 4000 being displaced into temporary shelters.

    With all this going on we hosted Northbrook UMC at the end of the month. Through God’s grace we were able to build 2 homes for 2 incredible families and build several chicken pens in Patzicia for families to have eggs regularly. After we built the pens we had worship with 40 or so children and fed them eggs and tortillas. Some of the children looked like it was the first meal they had eaten in a long time. We got two piñatas and celebrated with the children. We all were overwhelmed with it all. Friday came and we had a free morning of zip lining and coffee plantation touring. That afternoon we dedicated the homes to the families. I am so glad I did not have to speak because I was emotionally spent by this time. God’s blessings during the week had totally wiped me out. That night we had worship with two of our Guatemalan friends and it was a perfect way of ending the week. As we prayed over each other the week couldn’t have ended any better. We sadly had to say hasta lluego (see you later) at the airport to the team because we refuse to say good bye.

      Now, what are we doing for the volcano victims? Love Serve is attempting to buy land near Patzicia. The project once completed will have 6 houses with a large community kitchen. We would also be helping some of the children continue their education at Vision and Fe with our sponsorship program. The cost of the land is $20,000 and an additional cost of $35,000 for the building of the homes, water, electricity, stoves, etc. The immediate need is securing the land. If you would like to contribute to this project, please designate it for the Volcano project. We love you guys and hope to see each of you here someday.

                                                   Carol and Craig (and Barley our golden retriever)






   They say that a picture paints a thousand words. I would like to try to paint a picture with words for you. This story is about the average child growing up in Guatemala. It paints a picture of a childhood filled with despair and no hope—a lifestyle that cycles with each generation. 

      This will be a story from the eyes of a child. 

“My name is Julio . I am 7 years old and I am in the second grade. I sleep on a blanket rolled onto the cold, wet dirt floor next to my siblings and my parents. We get up early every morning around 5am, as the sun is coming up, to start our chores. We must go and get firewood almost daily in order to cook our meals. We are lucky to have a well at the house because our neighbors do not. They come over to our house to buy water. Some of our neighbors have latrines but we don't have one.  Papa says the corn field gives us enough privacy. After the chores, we might get to eat corn tortillas for breakfast, or nothing at all. We are grateful for the tortillas, because they may be the only thing we eat before dinner. Around 7am, we head to school. We are done by twelve noon. After school, we will head back to the house to work in the fields or help our mother around the house with chores. My oldest brother, Edvin is 12 years old this year, so he is not going to school anymore. He is now working with our father in the fields to help support our family. Many of the men in our village are laborers in the field, but they do not always have work. My family can not afford to send him on to school after the sixth grade. My parents said he must start working in the field so the family can eat. This is the way it always has been in Guatemala. Generation after generation, the families work in the fields as laborers. I dream of being a school teacher and a principal one day, but I know this will never happen. You see, without education, I will never have the opportunity to be anything other than a laborer in the field. I want to be able to help my family and community when I grow up, but I must not dream.”

     I hope this has given you a little insight to many families here in Guatemala. If you are interested in supporting a child with their education, please let us know. It is $35 per month for middle school and $75 per month for high school. Love Serve is now supporting 6 students in middle school and 2 students in high school. We would like for this to continue and grow, but it depends on you. Please contact us if you are interested in this program either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cchilThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

            March has been an extremely busy month. The first week we had 3 young men from a Christian college in Palm Beach Florida. The just came down to serve in any capacity. They were a blessing in so many ways. It is in credible how God orchestrated all of this to make everything happen for His glory. They prepared a home site and laid blocks for a house we were going to build the following week. I don’t know what we would have done without their help. It also was so nice to hear them singing and playing the guitar at the house all week. I was moved by the presence of God. We had a group of 10 and a group of 31 at Casa de Fuego the following week.  The group of 31 was from 3 different colleges from Campus Crusade working with an organization called Filters of Hope. The other group was a church from Ohio that was working with our organization. We had the opportunity to build a family a new home in Ciudad Vieja. The old house was literally cornstalks and tin. This is very typical in Guatemala. It is ok during the dry season but during the rainy season not so much. The team from Trinity Lutheran church were incredible. All week they served Guatemala and also served us. We finished the house in 3 days and went to Patzicia on the fourth day. There we constructed a hen house to provide eggs for the families in that community and a recycling project. We took to group to see a house that God has laid on my heart for some time now to rebuild. They have been living in the worst conditions for a long time. I am asking for God that we can build this house soon. Normally we would wait for a team to build it but it really can’t wait. I don’t think it will make it through another rainy season. The cost of the house is $2100. If you feel led to contribute please go to our website and donate. I am going to include a picture of the house we built and the house that needs to be built. Please pray about this. Our website is

         Well on October 26, 2016 Carol, I and our golden retriever Barley boarded a plane to come to Guatemala, We did not know what to expect but had faith that God had plans for us here. We spent the first few days getting all our paperwork ready to buy our house. We closed on the house October 31st a day early due to the holiday here called Day of the Dead or All Saints day. After moving in we had a team from Adventures 2 days later, We had no transportation, no idea where to buy things and no idea on speaking Spanish. We used our interpreter Juan the first month almost everyday. I also am thankful for Google translator which has a huge blessing, Well we made it through the first month and had our first Thanksgiving in the house with about 30 of our Guatemallan family. We purchased a pickup truck by the end of the month.

         In December, we had Lewis Poley and Mike Johnson come down and turned our house into a bed manufacturing machine. With the help of 2 Guatemalans we built enough beds to accomodate 54 people. We get great reviews on the beds that were made. They have been a big blessing. We had our first Christmas tree here and Catherine got to come and spend Christmas with us.

        We received our next group the end of December and they stayed most of the month of January. We were so blessed with this group and got to follow them all over the globe after they left us. They returned home from the race in August. We had only a few groups over the next month or so but beginning in March our lives became very busy, We had a group of girls that stayed at our house for around 60 days. We got to love on them and pour into them as daughters and daughters of Christ. Also during this time period we took in a refugee family from El Salvador that had been threatened by the gangs there. 

       I will sum up some of the highlights for the year, with God has been so visible to us in the people and church He has put in our path. We have a wonderful church here that is full of people going through similar paths that we are going own. We have been blessed by the groups that have come through our doors. We have been apart of installing over 100 water filters, installing over 30 stoves and building 3 houses. We have been apart of several medical groups which has brought back my passion for pharmacy. We have been able to love on a family that had to abandon everyone and thing that they knew to move to a new country where they had no friends. We are now supporting 4 children in our education program and will be adding 3 more in January

      Recently we have been involved in a homeless ministry and a new homeless shelter, This has always been something that God has put on our hearts. We just celebrated one year here and cannot wait for the next, We know there will be challenges ahead but we also know that with those challenges we will be walking them out with Jesus Christ at our side. Thank you all so much for this first year and hopefully many years to come





Matthew 20:28

"Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

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